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Non-Volatile Memory Options
« on: September 21, 2010, 13:57:35 »
One area where PC Watchdog boards are unique is that all of them have non-volatile memory storage on-board. This means that a user can tweak the operation of the device to meet their particular needs. The options can be set and stored by a user program with the API interface or with the configuration program supplied on the CD.

Here are some items that can be set in the non-volatile memory:

  • The watchdog delay can be set to eight different values with the DIP switches on the board. These eight values range from 5 seconds to one hour. The non-volatile memory allow you to override the DIP switches and save a timer between 1 to 65535 seconds.
  • When the PC Watchdog powers up or after it reboots the PC it has a standard wait time of 2.5 minutes (150 seconds) to allow the PC time to restart before the watchdog arms itself and starts counting down the watchdog timer. You can change this reboot wait time to as much as 65535 seconds.
  • The PC Watchdog boards have temperature sensors on the board and they can be programmed to force the PC into a hard reset in case of an over-temp condition to protect sensitive devices like the hard drive. The over-temp values are fixed but you can use the non-volatile memory to store an offset to increase the temperature set points up to 32 degrees C higher.
  • All the PC Watchdogs have additional relays that can be configured with the non-volatile memory.
  • The buzzers on the boards can be configured or completely disabled with the non-volatile memory.

Please note that there is plenty of room in the non-volatile memory for additional options. Please let us know if you have any ideas for other settings.
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